{MACARONS} rainbow macarons

{MACARONS} rainbow french macarons so excited to share the THIRD st patricks day macaron design with you! see the others here and here when i saw this cake pop i was so inspired -- i thought it would make a great macaron! i am sharing the tutorial for how to make these over on best friends for frosting {twitter - facebook - youtube} see the full tutorial HERE on Best Friends … [Read more...]

{MACARON} pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

{MACARON} pot of gold  at the end of the rainbow  perfect for st. patricks day! this is just ONE of the three macarons that i made for st patricks day this year! check out all of my fun macaron adventures HERE  buy my macaron book HERE these macarons are perfect for st. patricks day! i love how they turned out. these are really simple to make! here's how....           BUT … [Read more...]

{SHAMROCK MACARONS} st patricks day

{MACARON} st. patrick's day shamrock macarons my love for st patricks day increases each year.  remember this party i shared last year with you? that is where it all started.  i really feel bad for patty this year with easter being so early. the bloggy world has glossed over her and went right from valentine's day into easter. don't worry patty.  i'll represent.  with THREE fun and festive … [Read more...]

{ST PATRICKS DAY} healthy fruit skewers

{TUTORIAL & TIPS} healthy fruit skewers for st patrick's day! you will need:  green fruits - apple, pear, honeydew melon, kiwi, grapes wooden skewers green ribbon or washi tape to cut: slice the apples, pears, & kiwi to your desired size and shape *important* when cutting the melon be sure to cut them into  a large rectangular shape - they will be … [Read more...]

{RECIPE &TUTORIAL} shamrock juice

shamrock juice {tutorial and recipe} today i am sharing my recipe & tutorial for the cutest ever shamrock juice! from my recent st patricks day party!   see the party in full HERE here is how you make the drink... also - don't you love my new countertops?  see the best in kitchen remodeling and  update your kitchen to fit all your family's needs here is what you will … [Read more...]

{guest post} CRAFT-O-MANIAC

did you know that creative juice is CRAFT-O-MANIC'S  newest regular  contributor?!?! today we are sharing our shamrock  drinks from our st patricks day party   … [Read more...]

{tutorial} rainbow party streamer backdrop

rainbow party streamer backdrop {TUTORIAL} after many requests, here is the rainbow party streamer backdrop from my st patricks day party it was super EASY, NO SEW, and CHEAP. you can totally make this! 1. start by collecting different color streamers & some masking tape {note: clear scotch tape did not stick well to the streamers...not sure why} 2. lay a long piece of tape sticky … [Read more...]

{inspiration} rainbow party ideas

{inspiration} rainbow party ideas with all this st patty in the air and planning our st patricks day party - i have this new obsession with rainbows. i came across these ideas on celebrations.com and i am obsessed! check out this recipe for  homemade rainbow glitter playdough i really want to make this with my kids! and this adorable  rainbow theme kid party adorable printables by … [Read more...]

{my parties} st patricks day party

{our parties} st patricks day party   i am so in love with how this st patricks day party came out! the rainbow streamer backdrop was one of those late night ideas that just worked. now i will be honest... st patricks day is not really my favorite. i'm not irish, and i don't really like green. BUT as i started to plan this playdate & create all the details- it really grew on me. the … [Read more...]

{round up} healthy st patricks day food ideas

{round up} healthy st patricks day food ideas in preparation for our upcoming party st patricks day party  i came across these healthy st patricks day food ideas. i will probably serve cake, cupcakes, cake pops, and candy at the party.... but these ideas have me thinking about all the healthy options out there - and i think my kids will really enjoy them. SHAMROCK SMOOTHIE source: … [Read more...]

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