Summer Outdoor Patio Ideas

Make the most of your outdoor space this summer but giving your patio a bright and summery makeover! Here are some fun Summer outdoor patio ideas to get you started - outdoor rugs, outdoor lighting, outdoor furniture, outdoor decor and more. This post is in collaboration with World Market, Rachael Ray Magazine, and Ever wish you could have a makeover on your yard? Enter to win this … [Read more...]

6 Clever Ideas: How to Style Awkward Corners In Your Home

I'm sure we all have that awkward corner in the house that you never know what to do with, what to put there, or how to style it so it doesn't look like such an eye sore.  With the holidays right around the corner and family members making their travel arrangements to head your way, I'm sure that dreadful corner is exactly what you don't want haunting you in your sleep. No need to worry anymore … [Read more...]

7 Easy Dipped DIY Projects

There's a fun new DIY trend that's all over the Pinterest world right now - Can you guess what it is? I bet you've pinned a few pictures of it but if your a little stumped, I'll help you out. It's called dipped diy furniture and let me tell you it's probably the easiest thing ever! Not to mention that you can make some pretty darn cute things with this easy as pie DIY trend! {check out the dipped … [Read more...]

DIY Kids Art Gallery Walls

Ever wonder what to do with all of the masterpieces that the little ones create for you? If you have piles and piles of colorings, drawings and paintings of all kinds from your kids at home, then today is the day to get your creativity flowing! I've got some great ideas pulled together to help display your little one's artwork without it seeming like they're just hung on the fridge.  Using some … [Read more...]

Trending Tuesday: 7 Easy DIY Planters

Ahh, Don't you just love a good DIY tutorial? Mix that in with the fact that the best season for planting gardens and spending the weekends outside is in full force and you've got yourself endless opportunities.  If you love being outdoors and taking full advantage of the beautiful spring weather, then this post if right up your alley! I bet you can even find that a few of these can help keep the … [Read more...]

{Trending Tuesday} Bean Bags Are Back!

Have you ever thought back to some trends or products that were like a one hit wonder song on the radio? Remember Mambo #5? What ever happened to Lou Bega?? Or who ever thought Furbies would make a comeback? Not me, that's for sure. Now what about bean bags.. I'm sure we all had one at some point in our lives. {I know I did} Bean bags used to be a hot commodity back in the day- all the different … [Read more...]

Trending Tuesday: Cabana Stripes {How to Paint Horizontal Wall Stripes}

Looking to paint a room in your house but don't know what color to choose? Better yet, have you always wanted to do something out of the box rather than just plain old painting the walls one color - but thought to yourself, I can't do that! Yes you can!! Knowing how to paint horizontal wall stripes is one of the best ways to spice up a space in your home with something as simple as a gallon of … [Read more...]

{trending tuesday} 10 Shelving Organization Ideas For Your Home

Can you believe it's April already? Does anyone else feel like they were shouting 'Happy New Year!' yesterday? Well, If you just shook your head yes and agreed, then let me ask you this - How are those New Years resolutions coming along? Don't feel ashamed if you have lost track of that long list of things you said you would accomplish, time gets away from us sometimes - I understand... let's talk … [Read more...]

{trending tuesday} 6 Fun & Easy Ikea Hacks

Today's trends are not always about one certain style or product.  Trends can be found in all different areas or types of design. A huge up and coming trend is the furniture hacking trend. Most commonly done with Ikea products because of the broad range of furniture and inexpensive cost, furniture hacking is when a piece of new furniture is immediately refinished or repurposed for another use. … [Read more...]

Trending Tuesday: How to decorate shared rooms

Hello! Happy Tuesday! Today's trend alert is for everyone who's trying to find something fun and functional to do with what I like to call "Double Trouble"- How to decorate shared rooms!  To get the bunk beds or not to get the bunk beds? Well, if you're not in the market for a set of bunk beds or if you are searching for the next best thing here it is! Decorating for two takes a whole new meaning … [Read more...]

8 Creative Chalkboard Project Ideas for your Home

Chalkboard paint is so popular right now, it comes in all different forms; spray paint, gallon buckets, you can even make your own! Today I would like to share my favorite DIY chalkboard project ideas! There are endless ways to use chalkboard paint in your home but some of them even I think might be hard to pull off. You'll be surprised at how easy these 8 projects are to conquer yourself! Need a … [Read more...]

{Trending Tuesday} Table top ideas for Valentines Day

Hey Guys it's Emma from Defined Designs! I'm so happy to be back for another Trending Tuesday here on Creative Juice! Valentines day is right around the corner and like every other holiday it's the perfect excuse to host a gathering!  With these table top ideas for Valentines day, you'll be able to whip up a trendy get together or host a dinner party with your friends in no time! Let's start with … [Read more...]