Inspiring My Daughter With Science

as a former biology teacher, (yeah - wouldn't have guessed it huh?!) i am passionate about getting kids excited about nature and science - call it my geeky side, but i hope my kids grow up to be inquisitive about the world around them and enjoy science and math classes in school. camping, hiking, exploring, and sending them to great summer camps like Camp Galileo  is a great way to get them … [Read more...]

Camping With Kids: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Success

this summer will be jammed packed with activites for my kids! as a former HS biology teacher summer is one of the best times to get my kids out in nature, experiment, travel, hike, and learn about the world around them. we will be camping in northern CA, renting a lake side cabin in Maine, and sending them to Camp Galileo where they will experience science in a hands activities and projects. … [Read more...]