Trending Tuesday: 7 Easy DIY Planters

Ahh, Don't you just love a good DIY tutorial? Mix that in with the fact that the best season for planting gardens and spending the weekends outside is in full force and you've got yourself endless opportunities.  If you love being outdoors and taking full advantage of the beautiful spring weather, then this post if right up your alley! I bet you can even find that a few of these can help keep the … [Read more...]

Popsicle Summer Pool Party!

this post was created in connection with my appointment in the Popsicle® blogger program.visit to join in the conversation! summer is here! we are enjoying the sun and pool as often as possible - i hope you are able to do the same! we recently had a fun pool party at a friends house and all the kids jumped for joy when one of the mom's came out of the house carrying a … [Read more...]

Camping With Kids: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for Success

this summer will be jammed packed with activites for my kids! as a former HS biology teacher summer is one of the best times to get my kids out in nature, experiment, travel, hike, and learn about the world around them. we will be camping in northern CA, renting a lake side cabin in Maine, and sending them to Camp Galileo where they will experience science in a hands activities and projects. … [Read more...]

Top Ten Rules for Being a Kid this Summer with Popsicle!

this post was created in connection with my appointment in the Popsicle® blogger program. visit to join in the conversation! we are counting down the days and getting excited for summer! i recently rounded up 11 totally awesome summer activities for kids so we are getting pumped for pools, lemonade stands, popsicles, flashlight tag, camping, and staying up late! this … [Read more...]

{Fashion} Piper Street Boutique: spring fashion ideas

today i am introducing you to an adorable boutique that i love: Piper Street! and getting you ready with some summer and spring fashion ideas! not only do stalk everything that Piper Street has in their shop but i actually owe starting this very blog to one of the founders - jenni. i'm not sure she even knows this story... she will probably be hearing about this for the first time when she reads … [Read more...]

Learning to Swim with Ariel!

This post is sponsored by Target. More Princesses, More Sparkle: Blur the lines of fantasy and reality with your favorite Disney princesses at Target. my sweet little aubrey has been a handful since the day she was born. passionate, opinionated, sensitive, brave, fashion conscious, full of energy, and always on the go. i have always admired her inquisitive nature and willingness to try new … [Read more...]