Football Party Food – Football and Field Layered Dip

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Super Bowl Football Party layered dip idea

are you ready for some FOOTBALL??!! if you sang that then – YES. you are. if you didnt well maybe this post will get you pumped. i have SOOO many ideas for your next superbowl party or football birthday party and i’ll be sharing them this week! football macarons, cookies and cream football dip, goal post straw drinks, the BEST bean dip ever, and a few other recipes & tips! i sort of cant stop the ideas at this point. my family has been eating football shaped meals for a while now so that YOU will have lots of easy and fun ideas to make your superbowl party creative & delicious. today i’m starting with an easy dish – football field layered dip using piped sour cream over guacamole and piped refried beans! its reallllly easy and i have some tricks so that yours comes out perfect.

now, i love to host on superbowl sunday. we actually used to host a superbowl party every year but the last few years my hubby has been on call and this year he is away for two months (residency/military life… gotta love it!). so instead of hosting i have been going to friends houses… and its ALWAYS that classic question every year – “WHAT CAN I BRING?”. so besides macarons (which is pretty much an understood prerequisite for my invite) i have had to come up with ideas for ‘superbowl party to-go’ dishes. this layered dip is a classic that i have spruced up with some fun ideas – using the sour cream for the ‘football field lines’ and the refried beans as the ‘football’ in the middle. making it in the Rubbermaid food storage containers makes it easy to make it the day before, store it in the refrigerator, and grab it to take with you on game day. i also made some super cute food labels using cardstock and Sharpies – AND i have an easy trick to attach them to the side of the container so you look pretty fancy when you show up at your friends house. i’m all about making you guys look good and impressing your friends so dont tell them how easy this is k?!

football party layered dip containers

pick up a clear food storage container – if you can find one that is rectangle – allllll the better. personally, i like the Rubbermaid Premier line – its clearer than the deposable ones so you can really see the layers. and SPEAKING of LAYERS – here is a good tip to make yours look awesome…..

How to get perfect layers on your Layered dips!

no one wants wonky layers in their dip. here are some tips to getting even layers:
*** spoon a large dollop into the middle and use the back of a spoon to spread it to the edges
*** if it looks like you wont have a thick enough layer – add it earlier than later so its easy to smooth out
*** fold a paper towel into a point. run this along the edge of the container to clean up the layers

Layered dip for your football party - Guacamole football field with sour cream lines!

you can do as many layers as you want. i just went with beans, sour cream, cheese and guacamole. just be sure that the guacamole is on the top layer so the ‘field’ is green. NOTE: if you are making this the same day – great. add the guac. if you are putting this in the refrigerator for the next day, leave off the guac! it will brown by the next day and then you will have a field of dead grass instead of a lush green football field.

TIP: are you an artist? then go ahead and freehand those sour cream lines. if you are a psycho perfectionist like me then you may want to take a toothpick and trace out where you want things to go. the best part is that if you mess up – just smooth it over with the back of the spoon until you have it just right.

Guacamole football field layered dip for a superbowl party!

okay so now you are ready to pipe. load up two plastic baggies – one with sour cream and one with refried beans. twist the back and snip the corner to create a piping bag. make the sour cream lines first following the lines you made with the toothpick.

Football field guacamole using sour cream!

once you have make the lines, pipe the refried beans into the shape of a football. to get the smooth texture on the top use the back of a spoon. pipe sour cream over the top of the football to create the laces

Football and Field Layered Dip Tutorial for your superbowl party!

cute huh? the only way to make this any better is to have a cute food label to go with it!

Football Party Food Labels

i used the Sharpie metallic set and classic black Sharpie to make this cute tag. i cut white cardstock using my circut machine (accent essentials) to make the tags. i couldn’t very well stick this food label in the middle of the dip or it would mess up the whole idea! so i came up with using a small clothespin! clip the tag and use the open end to balance on the edge of the container – its perfect!

Super Bowl Football Party layered dip idea

Football party layered dip - football and field Football party or Superbowl Party layered dip football and field

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need more football party inspiration?

Football party drinks with goal post straws - Tutorial

its a FOOTBALL PARTY kinda week so stay tuned for more ideas as we get ready for the SUPERBOWL!!

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Football party food ideas - creative and delicious superbowl party food!



  1. Love it Mindy….I will be trying it in 2 weeks for Superbowl…can’t wait to see what other football party tips you have :)

  2. What cute ideas Mindy, love goal post drink cups!

  3. This is adorable Mindy. Love the ideas!

  4. Super adorable! Love the cups!!! ~Christy

  5. What fun party this looks like- great tips on making the dip look perfect :)

  6. Jen Brown says:

    Great, cute and creative ideas!!! Love it! But it would be nice if you could include a printer friendly version.
    Great job though!

    • I would love to! I’m not a graphic designer and this post was in part sponsored by Sharpie or I would have! I’m sure there are some fun printable designs out there though!


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