Skeleton Bone Easy Halloween Appetizer

Skeleton Bone Easy halloween appetizer - only TWO ingredients!

i had one of those moments this weekend.

an ‘oh crap i have to bring something to the party tonight’ moment.

and on top of that it is a halloween party so it had to be in keeping with the theme! my go-to appetizer is a cream cheese and pepper jelly dip platter with crackers. it super easy, only 2 ingredients, and i can literally swing by the grocery store on the way to the party if needed. the only problem was this time it had to be spooky. the idea came to me as i was on my way to the store: helllllooooooooo!!! shape the cream cheese like a skeleton bone and the red pepper jelly will look like blood/guts! YES! i love when things come together like that. so here it is: my spooky skeleton bone easy halloween appetizer that only has 2 ingredients (3 if you count the crackers): Philadelphia cream cheese,  Tobasco pepper jelly, and Ritz crackers – i mean you really can’t go wrong with these three.

Skeleton bone cream cheese easy Halloween appetizer

take the 8 oz cream cheese block out of the package and place it directly onto wax or parchment paper. its ideal to have the cream cheese on its way to room temperature so that its easy to work with and mold. use your hands to mold the cream cheese into a bone shape. if that grosses you out, you can use surgical gloves to protect your hands, or place a piece of plastic wrap over it to act as a barrier. start by squeezing the middle so it is thinner and working your way outward leaving the ends more bulbous. round them out and put a dent on each end to make it look like a femur bone.

Skeleton Bone Halloween Appetizer tutorial - cream cheese and pepper dip

to transfer the bone it gets a bit tricky. i recommend popping this into the refrigerator for a few minutes to firm up again before transferring it to your serving platter. once it is firm, you will want to flip it into your hand and then flip it again onto your platter to keep the top side up – as if you were removing a cake from a cake pan if that makes sense. next, pour the pepper jelly around the bone or on a portion of it to represent the ‘guts’ and then arrange the crackers around it.

Skeleton Bone Easy Halloween Appetizer

your guest will serve themselves by using a knife and smearing a bit of the cream cheese and jelly on the crackers – if you have not had this before you will be really surprised! its such an awesome flavor combination! the pepper jelly is a bit spicy but is mellowed out by the cream cheese.

Skeleton Bone Halloween Appetizer - super easy only 2 ingredients! Cream cheese pepper jelly dip

you guys. there seriously could NOT be an easier and more fun halloween appetizer out there! if you have a halloween party in your future i highly recommend making this! its so easy and your guests will be so impressed! ENJOY!!!

Skeleton Bone Easy DIY halloween appetizer - only TWO ingredients!

Skeleton Bone Appetizer easy 2 ingredient halloween appetizer



  1. I love this idea, Mindy! So simple but SO cool!

  2. I love it! I am going to make this for my book club meeting tomorrow night. I love pepper jelly one of my favorites!